Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Dear friends :) i'm doing my last orgenizing right now... in about 2 hours i'll be on my way to the airport... tonight is the night.. FINALLY!!! i'm finally flying to the eurovision... i was waiting for this for so long... so meanwhile i continue to pack (i think i packed by mistake the whole house :-D) and i'll write from Osloooooo... atleast i'll try to :)))
sending kisses and hugs!!! and meanwhile, i'll post the croatian song which is my most fav song this year.. and i hope for this to win! :D

Saturday, May 1, 2010


TODAY is the 1st of May :) it's my mom's birthday, the one the only.... she's my heart and my soul, my biggest love ever and my best friend :) not only we share the same size and fashion style... i always can tell her whatever i feel.... she always gave me everything i wanted... i great artist and designer, a wonderful person that everyone loves... a beautiful face.... MY MOM!!! so happy birthdayyyyyy, feliz compleano, sretan rodjendan, xronia polla..... I LOVE YOU THE MOST IN THIS WORLD!!!

this is my mom when she was 17 :) at the late 60's


my mom when she was 24, in a very italian style... she was super tanned than...


this is me, my little brother and my mom, 16 years ago

and this is us :)

Friday, April 30, 2010


sorry for not being here alot... i'm too busy with studies... in 20 days i'll go to Norway and i have a deadline of 17 days to hand some school work papers... history of art, magazines designes and so on... that's why you don't see me aloy on chictopia or lookbook... but soon i'll be back :) because i'll have to show my new clothes :D
for last, i'll post a song that i really love.... for many years, i really love the style of that song... you know, early 80's boy George's style... the make up is amazing in this video... and ofcours the song is amazing and addicted!!!
many kisses and hugs to all!!

p.s, you're always welcome to drop me a message.. it always makes me cheered up in the sea of mondrian, van-goch, sezan, etc...............

Monday, April 26, 2010

Tired, busy, deperate from studies me...

LOLLLLL!!! hope you like it... it's without make up (only some left overs of black in the eyes)... this is how i am these days... i have no energy to do my school tasks.. i have so many + i have a deadline of more 24 days untill my flight to Norway....STRESSEDDDD

Friday, April 23, 2010

i loveeeeeee it!!!


i have no idea who's the designer of this shoe... :( but i loooove it!!! i would like to have a pair...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

My "do it yourself" hair arches

i have made some hair arches... i found in a store of "all in 1 shekel" (1 shekel= something 25 cent of Euro..) so i have found black empty hair arches.. so i had an idea...
i need some opinions :) would love to get some feedbacks! :D thanks...
and kissessss... p.s, at the 3rd photo, please don't be afraid of me.. hehe, i'm without make- up :PPP





Saturday, April 17, 2010

hyvaa syntymapaivaa Prefecta!!!! :)

Today is the birthday of a dear friend of mine, a great fashionista, fashion blogger and an amazing person!!!!! Prefecta, my new friend from Finland!!!
i wish you that everything you want in life will come true, keep smiling and keep dressing so chic!!! i want to dedicate a song for you, as suitable for a crazy Euro-trash (but not only) fan (guilty guilty!!) a song that will represent Finland this year in the Eurovision... at the start i didn't liked it... than i saw the translation and realised how much i love that song + amazing video clip..... :) there you go:

SO, happy birthday!! hyvaa syntymapaivaa :)))
kisses and hugs,

Prefecta's pages:

Monday, April 12, 2010


one of my styles creation... in the website
list of items and where you can get them:




Good afternoon :D
today i wanted to show one of my most fav designers... he is my idol in the fashion world...
yes, i'm talking about VALENTINO, it's just, i can't find a cloth of him that i don't like, this never happend yet.. and i hope will never happend as well.. here is my most fav ones from Valentino's pret a porter: