Sunday, December 15, 2013


Today (15th of December) is the birthday of one of my favorite fashion bloggers and friends. i love her street style and she brings the chic to the island of Mytilene!!!!! Please welcome the amazing Betty Passia, from the blog Shopping Therapy!!!
i dedicate this post as a tribute to her as a birthday present!!!  (between us ;-) i had to do this before).
so Betty, i wish you a happy birthday, i wish you always to be happy and fashionable as you already are! and keep smiling your beautiful smile!!love you!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

14th AXDW (The 14th Athens Xclusive Designers Week) October 2013- DAY #2

As promised, day 2 of the Athens Xclusive designers week has arrived.... on this day the following designers have been presented their new collection: Laskaris, Athina Korda, Valtadoros, Faliakos by Petridis. i loved mostly on this day the show of Athina Korda which was a very artistic collection, also i loved the collection of Faliakos by Petridis that each and every outfit looked very theatrical and dramatic. both was very special. i think that both of these designers didn't try to go with the mainstream and tried to create a a new fashion!
Will follow up the photos from the pasarella shows, but first i would like to present my own outfit for the 2nd day of the designers week.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

14th AXDW (The 14th Athens Xclusive Designers Week) October 2013- DAY #1

Last week, we had here in Athens the FASHION WEEK, aka, The 14th Athens Xclusive Designers Week where young and older designers would present their new designs to the world. The event was in the sign of the famous Greek designer who passed away recently Michalis Aslanis.
I have arrived the event on its 1st day. Friday the 18th to October. i have managed to catch the end of the catwalk show of the designer Makis Tselios, as well managed to see the show of "Underground" fashion house and Apostolos Mitropoulos for "Underground". the show was amazing, lots of colors, textures and patterns mixed all together and they doesn't seem weird together, they "talk" in a perfect harmony. 
stay tuned in the next days for more reports from the 14th Athens Xclusive Designers Week.
Love, Shira...