Thursday, April 25, 2013


Hello loves, long time no see (again...) well...i've been traveling ALOT lately.... one of the places i feel like home is Zagreb in Croatia... i have a friend there which is the most famous singer in Croatia since the 80's and still is... she won in the eurovision song contest of 1989. she gave me an outfit that she used to wear in her shows and video clips. at first, i was wearing the outfit as is (top and mini skirt) and then i've decided to wear it separably. i really love the print on it, it's so psychedelic and interesting. LOVE YA!!! P.S, if you like it hype it in LOOKBOOK.NU:


betty passia said...

oti kai na baleis eisai panta koyklara!!teleio vtusimo,teleies photos!!polla polla filia!

Daniela Elena Corcodel said...

Nice look dear !!
Kisses from

Corine Sibug said...

I simply love this outfit!

check out my fashion blog too! :)