Sunday, December 15, 2013


Today (15th of December) is the birthday of one of my favorite fashion bloggers and friends. i love her street style and she brings the chic to the island of Mytilene!!!!! Please welcome the amazing Betty Passia, from the blog Shopping Therapy!!!
i dedicate this post as a tribute to her as a birthday present!!!  (between us ;-) i had to do this before).
so Betty, i wish you a happy birthday, i wish you always to be happy and fashionable as you already are! and keep smiling your beautiful smile!!love you!


betty passia said...

οτι και να πω ειναι λιγο ΧΙΛΙΑ ΕΥΧΑΡΙΣΤΩ!!!!!

PrincessCaro said...
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PrincessCaro said...

xilia tipota agaph mou!!!! sou aksizeis!!!! filakiaaaaa