Friday, April 30, 2010


sorry for not being here alot... i'm too busy with studies... in 20 days i'll go to Norway and i have a deadline of 17 days to hand some school work papers... history of art, magazines designes and so on... that's why you don't see me aloy on chictopia or lookbook... but soon i'll be back :) because i'll have to show my new clothes :D
for last, i'll post a song that i really love.... for many years, i really love the style of that song... you know, early 80's boy George's style... the make up is amazing in this video... and ofcours the song is amazing and addicted!!!
many kisses and hugs to all!!

p.s, you're always welcome to drop me a message.. it always makes me cheered up in the sea of mondrian, van-goch, sezan, etc...............

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