Sunday, November 13, 2011

black vintage dress and litas. AND A NEW FACEBOOK PAGE!

I'm still inlove with my new litas shoes... so i have decided to color up my nails with pretty much the same pattern :) it's actually very very easy, you just need to color your nails in a base color (whatever you choose)and than with toothpick you just draw the rest of the nails as you wish :) you can do it by yourself for your left hand, but i recommend that someone else would do the right hand for you, you know why :)

and the wholse outfit i was shooting for lookbook. pretty decent today i would say.. but i'm trying not to make myself clown-ish since the shoes are with many colors and patterns so it actually needs a decent outfit with it :)if you like it go go go and hype it ;) p.s, i have a new facebook fanpage:

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ellakii sedgwick said...

teleio look teleio teleio...!!