Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lazy look, still awesome Litas :)

i can't fall asleep today cause i woke up late... still can't find a job and it's frusterating me so much... wish i could find a job in the fashion industry as i love..i would like to be a stylist or a visual merchandiser in a store... i'm very stupid i quited from H&M...cause i had a chance to be promoted, but now they don't accept back people who left already, so i need to find a new job... and it's so hard cause at the moment financial situation is BAD BAD BAD...
but tomorrow i'll go to teach a private lesson of graphic design to a brother of my best friend from high school... i don't take alot of money for them..cause they are friends, but still, it's much better than nothing. and in addition, i've recieved a happy message on e-mail.. but i can't tell you at the moment, only on Sunday probadly so hang on!! :)
ANDDDDD for the look of today... i'm such a lazy bum, so i've decided to dress up in a lazy way. and if you like it gooooooooooo to hype it on lookbook :D now i'll try to go back and sleep :) good nighty :D
p.s, did i told you already about my new fan page at facebook???

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Eveline said...

Omg I want these shoes !!!

Tanya WALL officiel said...

great blog, love your looks and the pics ! I'm glad to follow here :) ♥ ♥ ♥
See you on Lookbook... so lovely !
Welcome to my blog too !

Tanya WALL (young french singer)