Thursday, November 3, 2011


Yesterday while stroling around in the fashin capital here.. i had such an urge for a sushi.. but my time was short and i didn't feel like going back home in the dark... so i passed by the market, they got there EVERYTHING!!! i spoted the store with the imported food from the east... entered and bought a new bambook surface (to roll a sushi), seaweed, sushi round rice and rice viniger... later on i kept walking in the market, and than i saw the vegtables stand, so i bought 2 soft avocados... kept walking in a search for the fishes and seafood stand... i couldn't find it for a while... but eventually i did... bought a piece of a salmon fish. i had to wait with the sushi making till today since yesterday my parents had some guests from abroad.. and ofcours that i have to sit like a good kid and answer their pointless questions..
than today i went back to the H&M store where i used to work till 6 monthes ago... i went to pick up something from the acounter... and also to tell them i want to go back to work (since i was the one who quited, wasn't fired)... but it was very nice to see my friends again... and it was so weired to see that most of the workers were new and i didn't know them... i must admit that i really love the latest collection of H&M... especialy of the "devided" section which is the more younger styled section, loved especially the fur jackets and their tight and dresses, but mostly... as i said, the fur jackets :)
after i came back home a bit late (since here, even a 20 minutes right on bus could take an whole hour)... i've decided to start making the sushi...

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