Tuesday, November 8, 2011


good night dearests...
this post is dedicated to hOles... i mean, hOles in your clOthes :P
for example, i got those tights with the hOles that i bought in Prague when i was there in May after Eurovision. i found a really huge store with great prices, unfortunatlly this store exist only in Czech republic and in Slovakia. the name of the store is "gate21", unfortunatlly i couldn't find their website, i think that for now they don't have any since it's pretty much a new store.
so the tights costed me something like 2 euros (after changing from Czech krone).
the sweater with the holes is from my mom, a real vintage one, my mom had it for many many years and now i have it, hopsully as well for many many years.
the skirt is from H&M, a very simple one. if you like it, go n hype it on lookbook :)))

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Boss Bill said...

i did hype it, and i do like it--always, doll. [-: