Monday, November 7, 2011

The lady with the pink fur cape

i was thinking... and realized that i want a style which is a bit "old" or vintage if you want... so i started to collect some clothes from my closet.. i found the pink fur cape which i havn't weared for ages... i love him so much, but unfortunatlly here you can't really wear it otherwise people would stare at you and laugh... but for me is beautiful and special!!! lace shirt which is a handmade and vintage from my mom... shorts i bought a year ago when i was in Zagreb in one of my fav stores Terranova.
the boots are cool cause you can play with their height.. i mean, you can make them ancle boot or over knee boot or under-knee boot... i love them, as well bought them in Zagreb in a store called "Morandi".. they have some great shoes with great prices.
the black "stay ups" i made them by myself some time ago,i just cutted an old tights... and chose to make a layering with above knee white socks.

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